Shocking KBO ace, major league dream is over… Falling into an eating and running situation, is it difficult to return to the KBO?

The challenge of Drew Luchinski (35‧ Oakland), a former NC ace and a foreign ace representing the KBO league, ended in vain. He struggled with frequent injuries, which ultimately ended his season. In various circumstances, the possibility that the ‘Major League Dream’ will not be caught has increased. Oakland issued a press release and officially announced on […]

‘Discovery of the Year’ League’s best setup man is in NC… The dinosaur bullpen has more to show

“There are many hidden gems in the NC bullpen.” Experts who analyze tracking data for 10 clubs do not hesitate to pick NC as one of the most underrated bullpens in the league. Although the name value may be higher for bullpen pitchers from other teams, it is because the NC bullpen is lined with players […]

It’s a match in the second half, but you have to pay ‘one man vote’ to operate the laboratory? Why did third baseman Lee Chang-jin bring out a special card?

The KIA Tigers tasted a bitter defeat against the leader LG Twins.토토사이트 The lucky rain no game, which lost 8 runs the day before, did not come out again. In particular, the infield laboratory of ‘Han Man’s Table’, which came out of the game in the second half, was operated. Starting with the unconventional 3rd […]

Ahn Woo-jin 156 km fastball OK, I have patience… 19-year-old resigned idol limited potential, Lotte fell in love again

With the feeling of hitting as soon as you throw it… “ Lotte ‘resignation idol’ Kim Min-seok (19) is definitely a player worth watching. Basically, it’s surprising that a rookie is running towards full-time from the first season of his debut. In particular, on the 8th, against Gocheok Kiwoom, he succeeded in reaching 5 bases for the first […]

“Lukaku betrayed”… ‘Inter eternal captain’ Sanetti is also angry

Romelu Lukaku’s behavior in the transfer market angered even Javier Zanetti, who is revered as a football personality.안전놀이터 “Lukaku betrayed Inter Milan. It was very disappointing,” said Zanetti through Italy’s Gazzetta dello Sport on the 9th (Korean time). The interview was conducted ahead of Zanetti’s 50th birthday on the 10th. Lukaku became an icon of betrayal. In […]

LG burst into resentment, KIA cheered… Joy overturned by ‘8-0 cancellation of rain’

The LG Twins batters hit the ball of KIA Tigers ace Yang Hyeon-jong from the first inning. The moment the LG attack ended in the top of the second inning, the score was 8-0. It was a game where LG seized the victory early.토토사이트 However, the sudden heavy rain canceled the game. The match between […]

Ohtani 600 million dollars + α is true? Are you the answer to the Dodgers… This winter, MLB history will change unconditionally

Is $600 million + α true? Can Shohei Ohtani (29, LA Angels) really win a contract worth $600 million beyond the first $500 million contract in the major leagues? ESPN received a survey from 26 experts, including major league executives, agents, and its own reporters, on the 7th (hereinafter Korean time). 14 expected to sign […]

SSG-NC, the ace of ‘Kim Gwang-hyun vs. Peddy’, starts the fight for second place in earnest

SSG Landers, who are in second place in the league, and NC Dinos, who are in a state of disarray, face each other in Incheon. Both teams will send ace pitchers from the first game, and a fierce match is expected.토토사이트 SSG and NC will play three consecutive matches during the week at SSG Landers Field […]

“Between Chanho hyung and Doyoung, it’s fun” KIA’s 26-year-old triple setter’s pride… Leadoff, but number 2 and solver

“Chanho-hyung and Doyoung go in between. It’s fun.” The KIA batting line runs second in the league with a batting average of 0.292 and an OPS of 0.815 in the second half,토토사이트 but the power of the triple setter is decisive. Park Chan-ho, No. 9 ~ Won-Jun Choi, No. 1 ~ Do-Young Kim, No. 2 […]